Helping Hands and Hearts Hospice


Helping Hands & Hearts Hospice (HHHH) cares for terminally ill patients. It recognizes death as a normal process which should neither be hastened nor necessarily prolonged when there is nothing more that can be done to effect a cure. In shifting to a palliative focus, the patient's physical comfort and peace of mind will guide the course of treatment.

Our goal and philosophy are the same. Hospice care emphasizes living each day as fully as possible by providing a strong supportive network that returns control to the patient and enables families to provide care at home.

One of the first questions that we are asked is, "How is this hospice different from the hospices in the area?"

The difference is that ours is the only one that is locally operated by residents of Brazoria County, who opened the company on a leap of faith. The community cried and the doctors insisted on a hospice that would get to them in the shortest amount of time. This was the driving force of our effort. We started with a seasoned staff, combining nineteen years of experience in the health care field in Brazoria County. In that time, we learned how to make ours an exceptional hospice team.

Opening a shop - The Helping Hands & Hearts Hospice Thrift Shop -  is one of the innovations we made. The revenue from the shop makes up the difference between the cost of patient care and the amount paid by Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance. The shop also generates the funds to allow us to provide the same services for our neighbors that do not have insurance. All of the stock for the shop is donated, therefore, it can be given back to someone in need in the community or the proceeds can be used for the needed services in the community. Either way, the money stays in Brazoria County. Life brings many challenges; our challenge is volunteers keeping up with the generosity of our neighbors who have donated household items and clothing to us. We opened the thrift shop 29-Oct-2003, and already had to move into a larger shop area.

Our needs are simple; we need more volunteers to support the thrift shop or cash donations. That way, the staff designated for patient care can be used for that only. We continue to accept applications for volunteers to work in the thrift shop, as well volunteers to work in the office and see patients. For more information, call or come see us.

We are licensed by the Texas Department of Health and are Medicare certified and a non profit 501c3 corporation governed by a charter member board made up of Brazoria County residents. We are accepting patients and are fully staffed to care for them.

We comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975.

For hospice software needs, visit the mumms Software web site.

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